How to Prevent Your Pizza Stone from Breaking

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Lets try to prevent the above from happening!

So you've invested in a pizza stone--or dusted it off from hiding at the bottom of the cupboard!

You're loving it when you bake your pizzas, artisan loaves, and various baked goodies.

Time elapses...

Now it's collected a few spills and stains. Lovingly gained, but spills and stains none the less.

Over time, your pizza stone will collect spots, stains, and spills, which is a sign of any well-used stone. What's the best way to take care of it so you can get maximum use, and clean it properly?

First off, you should always heat the stone with the oven. If you put a cool stone into a hot oven, there is a chance your stone will crack, and your food may cook unevenly.

Take care of putting heavy things (such as a dutch oven) or frozen foods on top of the stone as this also risks cracking the stone. That said, you may want to cook a frozen pizza on your pizza stone. That's fine, but note there is the risk of cracking. Some pizza stones have a flat side and a ridged side on the bottom. In that case, the ridged side is usually better for cooking foods such as frozen pizza.  Or try these methods, which have been proven to produce great results!

Afterwards, let the stone cool completely after baking. Pizza stones retain heat very well, and thusly need to cool before handling again.

Place the cooled stone in a your sink and clean it with a scrub pad, water and soap.

Some staining is completely normal! A well-stained pizza stone is a testament to all the delicious food cooked on it. For food safety, as well as fire safety, ibrush off any loose bits of food and scrub away large pieces that have gotten stuck to the surface.

Don't let your stone sit in water for too long. The material of the stone is porous. If it absorbs too much water, the stone may crack the next time you use it if there's still moisture trapped inside.

Dry the stone with a dish towel and set it on your counter to dry completely.

Where should you store your baking stone?

The pizza stone may stay in the oven to cook other things on it. But if you're cooking something heavy, like a roast, move the stone to the bottom of the oven, as heavy things increase the risk of cracking.