10 Ways Pizza Can Improve Your Life

By tank

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Pizza is great, in many ways you may not have thought about.  Here are 10 ways pizza can improve your life.

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Contains the 4 food groups

Pizza is one of the few foods that can boast containing

Grain - from the crust; also a source of fiber
Protein - sausage, pepperoni, or whatever your protein of choice is
Dairy - from the cheese
Fruits & Vegetables - from the tomato sauce, as well as any veggies you include such as onions, green peppers etc.

It's likely you won't get the recommended daily serving of each food group from your pizza, but you can at least get some, which is a good thing.

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It's a way to eat your veggies

As a continuation of the food group point, veggies are often one of the most challenging foods to include in your diet, especially if you're busy and on-the-go. You likely don't have much time to have a well-balanced meal plan. Having a veggie pizza is a good way to work veggies into your diet.

Gives you a way to try new foods

With many varieties of pizza out there, being adventurous and trying a pizza with eggplant, anchovy, or ricotta cheese might be your introduction to those foods as it was for me.

Good hot or cold, morning or evening, any day of the week

Pizza is best when it's fresh out of the oven. But it's also pretty damn good the next morning, straight out of the fridge. This largely depends on whether or not you're a 'cold food eater'; that is, whether you eat food out of the fridge or if you need it warmed up. If it doesn't matter to you, pizza is one of the best foods to just cram in your mouth right out of the fridge.

One less thing to think about

You have enough things to worry about during the day, and figuring out what to eat is just one of many decisions you have to make. Once you set your mind on having pizza, you free up your brain to make more important decisions. This is key because decision fatigue can be mentally draining. And while you have to decide to have pizza, once you do, that's one less thing to think about. Or better yet, if you decide early in the day, it frees up your brain for important things later in the day.

Great source of antioxidants

Tomatoes are the main ingredient in pizza sauce and contain lycopene. Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant and scientific research has found a link between lycopene and lower levels of certain cancers. Lycopene has also been found to be beneficial to the heart and blood vessels, skin, and bones. When tomatoes are cooked, as they are for pizza or pasta sauce, the lycopene levels are higher and easier for the body to absorb.

Pizza fights cancer

Studies have shown that pizza can reduce cancer risk. From the Daily Mail article: "Almost all pizzas contain tomato sauce or puree and which is proven to have cancer-fighting properties. The secret lies in lycopene, an antioxidant in the skin of tomatoes which makes them red. It is thought that lycopene may inhibit or even reverse the growth of tumours. Lycopene is found in fresh tomatoes but is much more efficiently absorbed by the body when the tomatoes have been processed into foods."

Very economic for feeding many people

When it comes to feeding a small crowd, pizza is undoubtedly the way to go.

Precursor to a party (endorsed by turtles)

What other food can boast that???

Outlet for creativity

Making your own pizza is a great outlet for creativity. Whether it's ordering your pizza with the toppings you want, adding some of your favorite ingredients to a frozen pizza, or handcrafting your own custom pizza at home, pizza can be your medium for trying something new or different. There are a few things to avoid, but pretty much anything can go on a pizza. Pickle pizza? Sure! Peanut butter and jelly pizza? Why not! People have come up with some odd combinations that turn out to be pretty good. And it doesn't have to be an alternative ingredient, it could be something that you've only heard of and never tried before. The first time I tried anchovies was on a pizza, and now it's one of my favorites. Whatever it is you want to try, you can try it on a pizza.