Pizza Toppings Around The World

By tank

980x   Brazil

Pizza toppings vary around the world, reflecting culural and regional preferences, as well as food grown local to the area.  In America, the most popular pizza topping is pepperoni, followed by sausage and mushrooms.  Pepperoni is actually the most popular topping for each individual state in the US.  For other countries, the top toppings look different.

980x (1)   France

For instance, on the other side of the globe, Australia pizza is topped with kangaroo, crocodile, and barbecue sauce.  Indian pizza is topped with mutton and pickled ginger. In Russia, mockba is a popular pizza. It’s covered with mackerel, tuna, sardines, salmon, and onions. In addition, the pizza is served cold.

Take a look at the pizza infographic by Pizza Morgan Hill and learn what pizzas look like around the world.

Pizzas Around the World [INFOGRAPHIC]