Review: Baking Steel

By tank

4.5 out of 5 stars

Baking Steel

Pizza stone made from ultra-conductive steel. Inspired by Modernist Cuisine, the Baking Steel is more conductive cooking surface than stone and stores up to 18 x more energy than a traditional pizza stone. Because of that conductivity, it cooks faster and more evenly at a lower temperature, resulting in beautiful, thin, crispy crust.

Higher Conductivity

One of the top features of a steel baking stone is the high heat conductivity of steel.  The Baking Steel boasts 18x faster heat transfer than ceramic & stone.  This translates to the Baking Steel being able to heat your pizza crust, bread, or any other food cooked on the steel baking stone.  Thermal conductivity is measured in terms of watts per meter kelvin.  Traditional ceramic baking stones have a thermal conductivity of 1-3 watts per meter kelvin.  The Baking Steel boasts a conductivity of 54 watts per meter kelvin.

To put it in other terms, imagine a stone and a steel sheet sitting in the sun on a hot day for a long time.  If you were to walk on the stone, you wouldn't get burned, though your feet would be really hot.  If you walked on the steel sheet, your feet would definitely have severe burns afterward.  Now imagine cooking a pizza or flatbread.  Your pizza would cook much faster on the steel, because of heat conductivity!

Solid steel, Unbreakable

Steel is much more durable than stone.  No fancy scientific terms for this, but as a rough comparison, imagine throwing a stone on the ground or hitting it with a hammer.  You're going to chip the stone much sooner than you'd chip the steel.

The steel baking stone will have much better durability.  Translate this to using a steel baking stone vs a ceramic baking stone.  A ceramic baking stone will have a long life if well taken care of.  But even if you take excellent care of it, since it's ceramic or stone, it will still be susceptible to wear.  Using a steel baking over the same period, the steel stone will continue to stand and won't shatter.  You might be tempted to bake frozen pizzas on it to achieve a crispy crust and well-cooked pizza when you don't feel like making it from scratch.  And you could with the durability provided by this product.

  • Pizza stone made of Ultra-Conductive Steel, 18x higher conductivity than ceramic baking stones.
  • Durable, solid steel makes it virtually unbreakable
  • Great as a stovetop griddle, induction plate and even as a cold plate after it's been frozen
  • Made in the USA

Baking Steel

Customer Reviews

The Baking Steel boasts the advantage and durability of steel to allow it to cook food faster and last longer than traditional ceramic, clay, and stoneware baking stones.

Of the 21 reviews on Amazon, 16 reviewers gave the Baking Steel a rating of 5 out of 5 stars, with 4 reviewers gave 4 out of 5 stars, and one reviewer gave 1 out of 5 stars.  The one star reviewer complains about the price, difficulty in cleaning the steel, and the general attitude of the owner of the company.  However the reviewer received many comments rebutting their scathing review.

That said, the price is a consideration when buying this product, as well as any other steel baking stone.  For now, the price point of $70+ is where steel baking stones are, so it's up to the buyer to determine if it's a worthy investment.  Another possible con for the list of pros and cons is the weight.  It is rather heavy, coming in at 15 pounds.  But, it is steel, and the weight contributes to its ability to provide an even cooking surface.  Some reviewers have also noted the size/dimensions of the baking steel, and noted that you should check the measurements of your stove to be sure it'll fit.


Overall, the Baking Steel is a worthy investment.  It's been recommended by other websites as well as by the majority of reviewers.  I bought one myself and have used it once so far, and I'm happy with it, and the way my pizza crust came out.  It's also been noted that it takes a bit more time to heat up, so that's part of getting used to using it.  I'll continue to put it through its paces, and continue to try cooking different foods on it.

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