Review: Dough Joe Pizza Steel

By tank

The Dough-Joe Samurai Pizza Steel is a heavy pre-seasoned quarter inch carbon steel sheet that provides results comparable to wood fired ovens in your home oven.  This is due to the incredible heat conductivity you get when baking on steel compared to stone.  Higher heat conductivity means pizza crust will get crispier in less time than with a traditional stone.  We'll take a look at this product from the Falls Culinary company.

Dough-Joe® Pizza Steel Baking Sheet at Amazon

Incredible Heat Conductivity

The Dough Joe Pizza Steel has higher heat conductivity than that of ceramic & stone. This means the Dough Joe is able to heat your pizza crust, bread, or any other food cooked on the steel faster than a baking stone. Thermal conductivity is measured in terms of watts per meter kelvin. Traditional ceramic baking stones have a thermal conductivity of one to three watts per meter kelvin. The Dough Joe boasts a conductivity of fifty four watts per meter kelvin.

Another way to think of it is to imagine you using a built in pizza oven in your own home. Traditionally, like me, and most others we use stoves/ovens to cook our pizzas. And in my case I use a stone when cooking my pizza because it is a great conductor of heat and allows me to create crispy flatbread and pizza. But just imagine if you had an actual man made pizza oven (the kind you see on tv or in a restaurant) in your own kitchen. The kind of oven that if you placed your pizza inside, it would be cooked in a matter of minutes or even seconds. This steel is as close as you will get to achieving that same effect with your pizza. It conducts heat at a much greater watts per meter kelvin and in turn allows you the home made pizza oven result without actually having one in your own kitchen. 

High Durability

One of the best things about the Dough Joe Pizza Steel is that it is far more durable than the traditional pizza stone.  It will not crack or break since it is not porous like stone.  Also due to the thickness of the steel, it will not warp.  It will last a very long time and allow you to cook a variety of really tasty food.


Others who have bought the product have posted overwhelmingly positive reviews.  Of the two hundred and forty plus reviews on Amazon, it has 4.8 out of 5 stars.  Some of the critical comments mentioned were that it is not as ideal to use for baking bread as opposed to a traditional baking stone, due to the bottom of the bread cooking much faster than the top.  Others said that the factory seasoning is temporary, and that you should season it yourself to make it more durable, which is good advice for most steel/iron that is used for cooking.  Most other reviewers are happy with the pizza steel, calling it a bakers dream, and touting the high heat conductivity as a factor in producing great pizzas.


Overall the Dough Joe is a solid product. The heat conductivity delivers a high quality crust that you would normally get at a high end pizzeria or Italian restaurant; the durability of the steel makes it a great investment for long term cooking and pizza making. Lastly, others who have purchased this item are very satisfied and have had nothing but positive feedback about how great it is to use in their kitchens. I think the choice is clear, this is the product you want, and is well worth every penny. Once you get into making homemade pizza and flatbread and experience that restaurant quality pizza there is no turning back. I hope you enjoy!