Review: Emile Henry Flame Top Pizza Stone

By tank

Emile Henry Flame Top Pizza Stone 

Who doesn't love pizza? A well-cooked pizza with your favorite toppings can turn any bad day around. To cook good pizza, you need to have good tools as well.  Today we'll review one of the best tools you can have in your arsenal.

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To be honest, this is one of the best kinds of pizza stone I've come across. I am a big pizza lover, and I am always in search of pizza stones for my kitchen and this pizza stone just stole my heart. I got this fabulous stone four months ago and loved it since then.

Here are some things which I loved the most about the pizza stone:

Glazed surface

The best thing about this pizza stone is that it is unlike other traditional pizza stones because it glazed. This glazed surface helps the person to make the perfect crust for the pizza. The science behind using a stone instead of metal is that stone has tiny pores in it which can absorb water content, leaving the dough crispy and perfectly baked.

Temperature resistant

It also has the exceptional ability to tolerate extremely high temperature and because of this quality, it can be used in oven, grill and open flame as well. So you can always use it at different temperatures, and it will give positive results every time.

Emile Henry Flame Top Pizza Stone

Some other features are:

• Perfect for making pizza, bread and grilling.
• Made up of highly durable and high-quality clay which is lighter than other pizza stones.
• The lead-free surface allows you to cut the pizza without chipping or cracking the stone.
• It is specially designed to make crispy and well-baked crusts
• The stone’s handle makes it easier to lift it.
• Doubles as a cheese board or trivet.
• It can also used in the microwave.
• It is broiler, freezer and dishwasher safe.
• 14 1/2" diam.; 17" diam., handle to handle.
• Made in France.

Out of over 200 Amazon customer reviews, they awarded the Emile Henry Flame Top Pizza Stone 4.7 stars out of a possible 5 on average.
The customer reviews on Amazon are positive overall, one negative review revolved around trying to replace a stone that cracked while using it on a grill.  The reviewer couldn't reach a representative, however other reviewers replied that they had better luck reaching a representative, and were successful in getting a replacement.

Other reviewers had great things to say, such as “This is an extremely well-made, high-quality pizza stone that's washable!,” and, “Love it! Love it! Love it!” and, “I don't give out 5 stars very often but this thing is exceeding my expectations for use as a grilling stone.” and finally, “I would highly recommend it!”
That makes it very easy for me to recommend the Emile Henry Flame Top Pizza Stone as well.

Emile Henry Flame Top Pizza Stone

I have been using this stone for over four months, and it has never disappointed me. It always produces great results. I would highly recommend this pizza stone to all of you because it is durable, affordable and high quality.
You can get you from for only 29 dollars which are pretty affordable. They are also offering free delivery on it which is a plus point.
So grab your pizza stone and amaze everyone with your freshly homemade pizza.