Top 4 Oven Thermometers

By tank


For reliable, consistent results with recipes, a good oven thermometer is critical. Lately I've kept a couple oven thermometers in the oven just to be extra paranoid. That is, until I questioned which thermometer was actually the correct one. I've always recommended to have at least one thermometer in the oven at all times. Do you really want to trust that other shady built-in oven thermometer?

I came across a useful article where some people used a high-tech digital thermometer to take the temperature of five different home ovens preheated to 350 degrees, some missed the mark by as much as 50 degrees. Here’s one big reason why: An oven’s internal thermometer only gauges the temperature of the location where it’s installed, which is necessarily in an out-of-the-way spot in the back, front, or side of the oven box. But these areas can be subject to hot spots or drafts that make their temperatures differ from the center of the oven. Only a good freestanding oven thermometer can tell you what’s really going on right in the middle of the oven, where most food cooks.

Some like hot!.......And some just like it evenly cooked! Check out which thermometer might work best for you:

Basic Oven Thermometer

Rubbermaid Commercial Stainless Steel Oven Monitoring Thermometer

An example of this is the Rubbermaid Commercial Monitoring Thermometer. This oven thermometer is manufactured by Rubbermaid Commercial Products and is a brand of monitoring thermometers. It helps to keep your food safe by adequately monitoring the oven. The features are:

  • Made from Stainless Steel 
  • Has shatter resistant lens
  • It has dual read for Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Has large, easy-to-read dial, so temperatures are clearly marked
  • It hangs or stands for easy installation in your kitchen
  • Price is $6.96 at Amazon

Infrared Thermometer

Etekcity Lasergrip 1080 Digital Laser IR Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun

Etekcity Lasergrip 1080 Non-contact Thermometer is a good example of an infrared thermometer. All you have to do is to point the thermometer at the oven, aim and read the temperature displayed on it. It’s a hands free equipment that gives you the thermal reading from a safe distance. Some of the features of this product are:

  • Measure in both Fahrenheit and celsius
  • It has a distance spot ratio of 12:1
  • It has low temperature indicator with a backlight display section
  • There is a built-in laser to give exact timing
  • It has auto shut-off and data hold function
  • The price is $15.98 on Amazon

Digital Food/Meat Thermometer

Habor Digital Stainless Cooking Thermometer

A good thermometer for meat s the Harbor Anti corrosion thermometer and it is one of the latest cooking thermometers. It can be used for food, milk, grill, meat, BBQ and even bath water. It’s features include:

  • It has a long probe of 5.9 in to prevent burning
  • Its LCD display gives instant read
  • It has a wide temperature measurement range
  • It can shut down automatically after 10 mins
  • Price is $8.89 on Amazon

Bluetooth Thermometer

iDevices Kitchen Thermometer

A great example of a bluetooth thermometer is the iDevices Kitchen Thermometer. This equipment uses bluetooth technology to alert you through your mobile phone when the food is ready. Its features are:

  • It has dual probe capacity
  • There is magnetic mounting plus illuminated display
  • Has 150 feet bluetooth range
  • Long battery life
  • Price is $68.69 on Amazon

In the end, it really comes down to what fits in your price range and what type of cooking you do on a regular basis. I would say if you are a regular everyday or big event for friends and family cook, then splurge. If you are a once in a while I like to turn the oven cook, start slow. You have time. I own all them because I have too much disposable and income, no seriously, I have gathered or been gifted them over a nice period of time. I would say whether you can go big or small find a dish you are dying to make and let that be your starting point. You can build from there. I hope this article has been of some use to you! Keep reading and definitely keep cooking!