Beyond Pizza: Make Perfectly Crisp Foods with a Pizza Stone!

A pizza stone is remarkably more versatile than the name suggests. In addition to helping you make homemade pizza and keep your oven's temperature more even, with a pizza stone you can bake crustier breads, roast vegetables, make frozen foods crispier, and more.

Your cooking and baking, especially, depend a lot on your oven's ability to regulate heat and accurately hit the target temperature.

In my experience, direct contact with the hot stone keeps things crisp, moist and perfectly cooked. Steaming is great, but you won't get that delicious roasted char on the outside of the vegetables. A stove-top sauté is always quick and effective, but you risk limp vegetables, if your timing is off and the veggies start to steam, which quickly makes them more susceptible to overcooking.

Pizza stones hold their heat exceptionally well and pull moisture from the outer surface of whatever you put on it. A few forums I've perused, suggest using it for anything you would make on a baking sheet and for frozen foods like fish sticks and french fries—you don't have to turn anything and the stone absorbs some of the ice crystals.

I have provided a list of foods you can cook, with a link to the recipe, I hope you enjoy!

1) Cinnamon Roll Ice Cream Sandwich  


2) Roasted Vegetable Tart 
Roasted Vegetable Tart

3) Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie 

Giant Cookie

4) Pre-frozen Fried Rice Balls filled with Mozzarella 

Rice Balls

5) Roasted Asparagus 


6) Baked Fries 


7) Calzone 


8) Strawberry (any berries) Balsamic Slab Pie 

Strawberry Slab Pie

9) Giant Cheese Cracker 

Parmesan Cracker

10) Root Vegetable Fries 

Root Veg Oven Fries

11) Chicken Strips/Chicken Nuggets 


12) Potato Chips 

 Baked Fries

I hope you can try all of these yummy recipes! Even more I hope you can see the pizza stones are a great kitchen addition, especially if you are looking to shake things up! Thanks for checking out this blog and look out for even more cool stuff you can do with your stone.....xoxo